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Solid gold Australian jewellery

Jewellery Blog

Articles by Australian designer Simone Walsh

New necklace clasps

This is an old jewellery post. Visit the jewellery in Australia shop to check out the latest. Just so you know, I've recently started using hinged sterling silver clasps for all of my necklaces rat...

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Time for a change - Simone Walsh Jewellery

Time for a change

It's a shiny new year and this one in particular I hope to be a very important one for me and my handmade jewellery business. I'm very fortunate in what I do for a living: I get to create beautiful...

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Sneak peek of a new range of jewellery

I've been working hard on designing a new range of handmade jewellery over the last several weeks. I've made a start on prototyping and testing some of the designs, so above is a very initial snea...

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Another peek at my new jewellery range

Last week I completed a big batch of etching for my new range of handmade jewellery, which is planned to be launched in early April. Above are some of the sawn out pieces - none of these are compl...

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