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Opening a new online shop in the USA

We're going to be dipping our toe into the US market by opening a dedicated online jewellery (or jewelry) store to cater to our lovely American customers, with prices in local currency and fast local delivery. Exciting times!

I've decided to share some background as to how Simone Walsh Jewellery got to this point as it's been a long and sometimes difficult  ...

We're brand new

If you're wondering why everything is looking so different around here, we've just launched a brand new look, logo and website. Hooray!

We worked with the lovely Meg Summerfield to create our fresh new branding, which includes a new logo and colours. It was a fun process and we couldn't be happier with the outcome.

The new look and feel includes a beautiful ...

Professional pricing for craft & design (part 2)

In part one of my Professional Pricing article I covered how to calculate your wages, how to determine your annual overheads and how to come up with a mark up percentage to cover these costs in your product prices.

If you've missed that part of the article go to Professional Pricing for Craft and Design (part 1).

Part 2 will cover: putting what you've learned into practice, what to do if your resulting prices are too high ...

Professional pricing for craft & design (part 1)

Pricing your handmade craft or design work can be very complex to get right. It can take years of learning, testing and refinement. You'll find it probably involves a lot of groaning, sighing and eye-rolling: I feel your pain.

As a jewellery designer I've spent over 20 years in the business of designing, creating and selling handmade jewellery, so I've certainly put in lots of that time (and I've done plenty of the sighing).

In this article I'm going to share ...

We're making some changes

This year has been both an exciting and challenging one for us so far, with lots going on behind the scenes.

We've been exploring new ways of doing things, changing some of our processes, investing in new equipment and sorting out getting assistance with some aspects of our work.

The latter is now well underway: we're partnering with an ethically run workshop filled with skilled artisans ...

Closing Etsy - but still open for business!

A heads up for those few customers who still shop with us via Etsy: our shop there is now closed. You can, of course, still purchase all of our current designs online in the jewellery shop.

When I first decided to test the waters with selling handmade jewellery online, like many other designers and makers I opened an Etsy shop. This was back in 2006 when Etsy was relatively new and the site seemed to be a happy and supportive ...

Time for a change

It's a shiny new year and this one in particular I hope to be a very important one for me and my handmade jewellery business.

I'm very fortunate in what I do for a living: I get to create beautiful objects with my hands that people like enough that they are happy to buy them from me. And enough people are happy to do so that I'm able to do this work as my full time job. It's a very great privilege and I'd rather be doing this type of work ...

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