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Love Australian jewellers?
About Simone Walsh Jewellery

For over 25 years, Australian jewellery designer Simone Walsh has combined silver, gold and gemstones to create a delicate and delightful collection of unique Australian jewellery. If you love Australian jewellers, then you'll definitely want to know more about us, so read on ...

We're a small, independent and family-run Australian jewellery brand which was founded by Australian jeweller and designer Simone Walsh. We're based near the ocean on the Fleurieu Peninsula not far from Adelaide in South Australia.

We create unique jewellery designs which are sold exclusively through our online store and delivered to happy customers around Australia and the world.

Keep reading to learn about our story, our values, how our jewellery is made and what you'll love about our unique and handmade jewellery designs.

Simone Walsh, Australian Jewellery Designer

Our story ...

In the beginning

Our story starts with Simone, who has always been drawn towards unique and beautiful things.

As a teenager she wrote a letter to a dear friend saying that all she wanted to do was live in the countryside and make jewellery.

Jewellery making

A small jewellery business begins


Simone saw an unusual piece of handmade jewellery and was intrigued by how it was made. She picked up some pliers, wire and glass to figure it out. Soon after she began making very simple designs and selling them at markets in Adelaide, South Australia: the very beginnings of Simone Walsh Jewellery.

Handmade silver jewellery

Becoming a jewellery designer


Simone decided to learn how to make more complex jewellery with precious metals. She ditched her job in the music industry and began studying full time: Visual Arts with a Jewellery Major at a technical college in South Australia, where Simone was awarded Most Outstanding Jewellery Student.

Silversmith art

More education & art making


After a stint living in Europe, Simone began a Bachelor of Visual Arts with a Jewellery Major at the University of Sydney in Australia. She started making and exhibiting artworks.

Simone graduated in 2000 and continued to make jewellery part time while working full time in marketing and web design for a non-profit.

An online jewellery store


Simone took a gamble on a new online marketplace called Etsy. She was doubtful that customers would buy jewellery online, but proved herself wrong when she sold her first piece within a few hours. She quickly built a busy little side hustle with customers around the world.

Being disillusioned with Etsy she opened her own online store at not long after.

Independent Australian jewellery

A growing jewellery brand


Finally Simone was able to start running her business full time: something she had been working towards for years. Yay!

She was spending huge amounts of time in her workshop to keep up with demand, while also packing and shipping orders at a frantic pace as the business continued to grow.

Australian designer jewellery

Growing pains & changes


Having returned to South Australia and partnering with her now husband, the business experienced growing pains: Simone couldn't possibly work any harder to keep up with demand.

We decided to partner with an ethically run artisan workshop to make components to our designs. While Simone still hand works, finishes and assembles our jewellery (and still makes designs from scratch), this change has revolutionised our business and made it much more sustainable.

Australian jewellery brands

An Australian jewellery brand


We are very proud to be running a thriving independent Australian jewellery brand with lovely customers around the world. It's been a long journey, but Simone still loves designing jewellery, learning new skills and bringing joy to her customers.

Decades after writing that letter to her friend, Simone now lives in the countryside, where she makes jewellery in silver, gold and gems.

Australian Designer Jewellery

We create unique jewellery in silver, gold & gems - and we've been doing it for over 25 years

How our jewellery is made

Originally Simone made all of her designs from scratch in our Australian workshop. As our jewellery brand has grown (and grown!), in recent years we've sought help to keep up with demand and to make our often very intricate designs possible. Read more about why we made this change.

Almost all of our jewellery pieces are still hand worked, finished and/or assembled by Simone in our South Australian workshop, with a number of designs still being entirely handmade from scratch.

While Simone still spends plenty of her time at her jewellery bench, to create many of our components we now partner with an ethically-run jewellery workshop in Indonesia which is staffed by skilled local artisans. These components are handmade for us to Simone's unique designs and prototypes.

This change makes our business much more sustainable in a personal sense and it has enabled us to keep our business going and to keep creating new designs.

What you'll love about our Australian jewellery brand

  • Australian created jewellery
  • Unique designs exclusively available in our own online store: you are shopping directly with the designer
  • Jewellery made in quality gold, silver & gemstones
  • Your happiness is guaranteed
  • We love sending gifts for you
  • You'll get free shipping in Australia for most orders
  • We're an Afterpay jewellery store
  • You'll get a happy buzz from supporting an Australian small business

Read testimonials from happy customers in Australia and around the world.

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