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Delightful Jewellery

Shop online for Australian designer jewelry: unique designs in silver, gold & gemstones

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What do we do?

We create unique and high quality jewellery in sterling silver, gold & gemstones - and we've been doing it for over 25 years.

Where are we?

We're a family run Australian jewellery design brand which is based in the beautiful Adelaide hills. We sell exclusively online.

Who is Simone Walsh?

Simone is a jewellery designer and maker who has been creating unique designer jewelry for over 25 years.

How do we work?

Simone's jewellery designs are inspired by ornament and details in nature. Our pieces are handmade in precious metals either in our own workshop or by the skilled artisans we partner with.

Latest news

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The small upsides of a large(ish) disaster

Recently we had a major flood: inside our office which happens to be inside our home. It wasn't fun and continues not to be fun some time later. I've been pondering what it means and what - if any - upsides there might be. It all began when nobod...

More about us

Simone Walsh is a much-loved Australian jewellery designer who has been creating contemporary sterling silver and gold jewelry for over 25 years. We have happy customers all over Australia and the world. Learn more about us.

If you have a unique sense of style and want to stand out from the crowd, you'll be delighted by our quality fine and fashion designer jewellery. Our collection is handmade in precious materials: mostly sterling silver, along with gold, rose gold and gemstones.

Our unique designs make perfect gifts for women - or of course you can treat yourself.

Visit the online jewellery store to shop for designs you'll love: stud earrings, handmade rings, dangly earrings, statement pendants, silver necklaces, stacking rings, gemstone earrings, rose gold jewellery, solid gold jewellery, silver chains and much more.