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Article: A break from chaos

A break from chaos

By Simone WalshMaking jewellery
Gemstones, silver and other clutter in the studio of jeweller Simone Walsh.

I've been working very hard and have had all sorts of important deadlines whizzing around over the last few weeks. As a result the studio ended up in chaos.

Almost every available surface had a big pile of mess on it: tools, piles of ziplock bags with silver and gold, containers of gemstones, random notes, printed sheets of designs, chemicals, partly finished jewellery, scrap metal, scrap paper, test pieces, empty boxes, kitchen towels … and more besides.

Not only was the chaos making me stressed and preventing me from thinking clearly, but I was also struggling to actually find the things I needed to do my work!

Jewellery bench in the studio of Simone Walsh.

So today I decided it was time to take a bit of a breather and finally tidy up. I spent a few hours finding the right home for everything, throwing out a whole lot of rubbish and generally cleaning up.

Finally I now have a neat and tidy studio and can easily find everything I need. What a relief!

And now … back to more work.