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Article: Outfit ideas: mixed & matched jewellery

Outfit ideas: mixed & matched jewellery

By Simone WalshOutfit ideas

If you've read our article about How to Mix & Match jewellery and you're looking for some examples to inspire you, here are some selections we've put together of Simone Walsh Jewellery designs. You're welcome!

Mixed & matched jewellery 1:

Mixed and matched sterling silver, gold and sapphire jewellery designs, handmade in Australia.

Our first selection features the mixing of gold and silver metals to great effect, along with sapphire gemstones from light to dark blue. The focus piece is the stars necklace, with the skinny gold rings and small gemstone stud earrings referencing the colours in the necklace.

Think about wearing this grouping with lighter, neutral coloured clothing. You could also pick up either the blur or golden colour in your clothing or other accessories.

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Mixed & matched jewellery 2:

Mixed and matched sterling silver jewellery featuring a statement necklace with rose garnet gemstone beads.

We've gone for all sterling silver jewellery in this group, but with a very striking statement necklace featuring vibrant rose garnet gemstones. This piece is the focus and given that it's a large and very eye-catching piece, generally you'll want to partner it with more subtle jewellery that compliments but doesn't distract from it.

This combination will look amazing paired with a white shirt or a little black dress.

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Mixed & matched jewellery 3:

Mixed and matched jewellery: layered necklaces in sterling silver, solid gold and gemstones

Looking to layer some necklaces as your focal point? Here's a selection featuring a pop of colour, plus sparkle and movement. Although the pendant is small, the solid gold eye amulet with a vivid green tsavorite gemstone is the focus. The handmade silver chain can be clasped at any point, so it's ideal as a layering necklace. The little star pendant adds some more sparkle, interest and balance to the grouping.

This selection will work beautifully when you're wanting to look casual but well put together. You could also pick up either the gold or silver with simple stacking rings and small stud earrings.

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Mixed & matched jewellery 4:

Opal and solid gold jewellery to mix and match: handmade Australian jewellery designs.

This grouping features smaller and more subtle designs. The unifying elements are the opal gemstones, gold metal and matching serrated settings. Although they are well balanced, the small birthstone pendant will be the focus simply because it's close to your face and the other pieces won't detract.

This suite will work well to dress up a casual outfit, but the pieces are small and simple enough to work together as everyday jewellery. You could add some plain skinny stacking rings for more interest.

You could choose any of the gemstones in our birthstones range (irrespective of whether they're actually your birthstone) to replicate this selection with different coloured gems.

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Mixed & matched jewellery 5:

Mixed and matched bouquet jewellery in sterling silver and gemstones featuring leaves and flowers.

This selection is a riot of leaves and flowers in sterling silver and features eye-catching layered necklaces, making your neck the focal point. These pieces are all from our beautiful bouquet range, which was designed for mixing and matching. The chrysanthemum earrings match one of the flowers in the bouquet necklace.

You could pick up the yellow of the opal gemstones in the jasmine necklace in your clothing or other accessories to really feel well put together.

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We hope that's given you some ideas to get started with. Check out our 15 Top Jewellery Style Tips for more inspiration to up your jewellery style game.