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Article: Christmas gift ideas (2021 edition)

Christmas gift ideas (2021 edition)

By Kylie McShaneChristmas

Australian Christmas gift ideas for 2021 Here at Simone Walsh Jewellery, we’re getting our Christmas gift list together and checking it twice as soon as possible. There’s a bit of a bottleneck in Australia’s Post, after much of Australia channelled their on and off lockdown woes into online shopping. So we recommend you get on with your Christmas shopping earlier than usual this year.

If you’ve not decided what to get who, here are some of the kinds of people we find on our nice list, matched to pieces in our new seaside inspired jewellery range. You'll find they make great Australian Christmas gift ideas.

Also be sure to check out our shipping page to get the lowdown on order deadlines to get your gifts in time for the big day.

Ready to dive in? Let's get started ...

Across the Oceans

If your nearest and dearest are still far, far away, you may want to put in a bit of extra effort to comfort them until borders reopen and travelling is easier.

Show your loved ones how golden they are to you with a Coral Texture Solid Gold Pendant Necklace and matching Coral Texture Stud Earrings. Each delicately simple coral texture piece is made of delicious 14ct gold that can be treasured forever and definitely until you can be reunited. You'll need to get in quick with these pieces as we have very limited stock this year.

If you want to go more formal, we recommend the Dots Texture Solid Gold Pendant On Pearls and Pearl & Solid Gold Drop Earrings. The pearl necklace is also in a limited run this year with each pearl offering its own unique shape and sheen.

Secret Seaside Santa

If you're finally heading back into the office, it's time for Secret Santas to be drawn. Simone's Beaded Silver Hoop Earrings in Mint Green offer a budget-conscious solution.

They feature a shiny mint green and matte vanilla-coloured glass beads on a sterling silver hoop, fitting the Christmas colour palette and being a casual, fun piece for any time of the year. 

These hoops are also an excellent option for those who don't have much cash to spend after lockdown but still want to make a friend or family member feel loved. Also check out the Beaded Gold Hoops in Cola Brown as an alternative.

The mate who has been missing the beach

Many of us have that one friend who, at the slightest sign of a sunny day, is down the beach like a shot. Celebrate their love of getting sand in their pants with Simone's Branch Coral Pendant On Citrine Beaded Necklace and matching Branch Coral Silver Dangle Earrings.

The earrings sparkle as you move, evoking the ocean spray that many have been missing during the pandemic. Now your chosen recipient can carry the beach wherever they go, no matter what happens next.

Also check out the full Seaside Jewellery Range for more inspiration for your beach loving friends and family.

Thank You Gift

To the friends, neighbours or family members who supported us all through lockdowns and more, it's time to say thanks. The Coral Pendant on Red Agate Beaded Necklace and matching Coral Silver Drop Earrings are a great choice for doing so.

Red agate, also appropriately known as warrior’s stone, is thought to be instrumental in moving the wearer forward. It is believed to strike a spark in their heart and boost self-confidence. It's seen to promote emotional endurance, creativity and patience, which we’ll need if next year is anything like the past two.

Present to Yourself for Making it Through

Last, and definitely not least, why not celebrate you? You’ve been living through some pretty rough times, and we're proud of you. Treat yourself nice with some of our favourite pieces, including the Sea Urchin Texture Silver Pendant Necklace, Sea Urchin Texture Silver Cocktail Ring and Montana Sapphire & Solid Gold Stacking Ring. Or – all three if you like?

The Sea Urchin pendant and ring catch the light, adding some shine to your everyday wear, while sapphires are believed to attract abundance and gifts while calming the mind. The Montana Sapphire is particularly known for its unique and gorgeous blue, which evokes the colours of the ocean. So if you can't make it to the resort holiday you'd planned, the stacking ring will bring the sea to you.

If you're looking for even more of the seaside feels, also take a peek at our Ocean Textures Sodalite Beaded Necklace.

Looking for more inspiration to shop small for Australian Christmas gift ideas? You definitely need to check our our handy Christmas Shopping Guide, featuring a full gift guide, tips for choosing perfect presents, Christmas shipping info and much more besides.

Simone Walsh Jewellery wishes you a gorgeous festive season and a bright, shiny new year no matter what you choose or for whom. May Santa bring you much joy.