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Article: Most popular jewellery this Christmas (2020 edition)

Most popular jewellery this Christmas (2020 edition)

By Simone WalshChristmas

Each year I get a kick out of seeing which of our jewellery designs are most popular with our lovely customers in the lead up to Christmas. There are always a selection of old favourites, but they do evolve over time. And quite often there are a few outsiders that sneak up on me, along with new designs that are this year's new hotness.

Every year our deluxe sets of Christmas pudding coins are one of our biggest selling items. I'll focus on jewellery pieces below, but you should totally check out the coins: they make a really lovely gift and are a great way to add an old tradition and some fun to your Christmas dinner.

So below in no particular order are our Top 10 Best Selling Jewellery Designs for Christmas 2020 (so far):

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You'll find all of these beautiful jewellery designs in sterling silver, gold and gemstones (along with many others) in our online jewellery store.

Also take a look at our useful Christmas Shopping Guide for dozens of gift ideas for women, festive outfit ideas, a Christmas pudding recipe, shipping info and more besides. While you're at it also have a read of our article about gift ideas for different women in your life.

Most popular Australian jewellery designs for Christmas 2020: shop online.