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Article: Gift ideas for the women you love (2020 edition)

Gift ideas for the women you love (2020 edition)

By Kylie McShane

Shop small: Australian Christmas gift ideas for women. With borders slowly opening up, there’s still no guarantee that everyone will be home for Christmas in 2020. If you can’t make it, small businesses such as ours can help you send the love you’d prefer to give in person.

Simone’s elves can also wrap your presents and add a personalised card. We know it’s not the same as face-to-face giving, and our hearts go out to everyone pining for their friends and loved ones.

If you’re wondering what to send for whom, we’ve made a short reference list for the women you love and the pieces that would complement them, sent with an extra special dose of love.

For your Nana

Moon and back locket necklace in sterling silver and gold We love our Nans, they are often favourite members of the family (sorry grandad). Sassy, shady and with a wealth of knowledge Nans will spoil you, usually in a sneak attack while Mum and Dad aren’t looking.

Show your Nan how much you’ve missed her and remind her of your love with the Moon and Back Locket.

The Victorian-era inspired locket features a moonstone and can hold small photographs or a little memento. The moon and stars, delicately etched inside and out, express the sentiment: 'love you to the moon and back'. For no matter how far apart physically, our Nanas are always in our heart.

Your Mum

Stars and sapphires cluster necklace in sterling silver. If you’ve been separated from your mum during the pandemic and miss the parent/child connection, this stars and sapphires necklace is ideal. It features a big and little star, representing both you and your mum.

Stars symbolise protection and this necklace reflects that, hanging in a cluster formation like a family. The family cluster is accompanied by sapphires, graduating from palest to darkest blue, just like the skies that separate you and your mum.

Sapphires are the birthstone for September and symbolise wisdom, making them doubly perfect for wise, September mums.

Supportive Mate or Neighbour

Chrysanthemum and leaf cluster pendant with tourmaline gemstones by Australian jeweller Simone Walsh. Most of us have been lucky enough during 2020 to see the best in people; from friends staying in frequent contact to offer support, to neighbours helping out. Importantly there are also those friends and family who have sent delicious, delicious care packages.

If you’re running low on funds you can say thanks with something a bit more budget conscious like a set of our popular gold endless hoop earrings.

Or, should your finances be holding steady, you could consider the chrysanthemum, leaf & tourmaline necklace. In some cultures the chrysanthemum represents loyalty and respect, reminding the receiver that they have made a difference in someone’s life.

The Ex-Pat

Guiding star pendant in sterling silver, gold and white sapphire by Australian jewellery designer Simone Walsh. With many staying close to home this Christmas and international travel being restricted, there may be a gaping hole our overseas friends would usually fill, with Christmas being one of the times people try to get home.

Whether it’s for your bestie who’s travelled far to pursue her dream career or a free spirited sister helping out in disadvantaged areas, the guiding star pendant symbolises protection and wishes of good luck. And we could all do with some of that after 2020.

The sparkly white sapphire sits in a solid gold setting, where it catches flashes of light, to lead the way home.

Medical Friend

Gold drop earrings with citrine gemstones. Our doctor and nurse mates have been run off their feet since the pandemic began, and have most likely been tested more times than we would care to imagine.

Tell them you recognise their effort with gold drop earrings with citrines, whose features are said to enhance energy.

Or you may consider a set of sapphire and aquamarine stacking rings. Both products are smart enough to wear in a professional setting. They also serve as a reminder that no matter how many inner nasal swabs our friends may endure, that they are very much loved and appreciated. And while aquamarine is said to promote tranquillity, we can’t guarantee it will make nose swabs any more fun, but it can’t hurt either.

More gift ideas

Still looking for just the thing? Check out our Christmas Shopping Guide, featuring a full gift guide, other gifting ideas, tips on how to choose the perfect gifts for women, shipping info and more.

No matter what piece you choose to celebrate your people, we wish you all a very happy 2021, with lots and lots of time spent with loved ones in person. And if not, as much Zoom time as you can manage.