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Article: What to wear: outfit ideas for Christmas

What to wear: outfit ideas for Christmas

By Kylie McShaneOutfit ideas

In a year universally panned by critics, it’s time to frock up and shine. Here’s a few suggestions on how to match our gorgeous new amulets range with some of our favourite independent Australian fashion labels. We are extra super encouraging people to shop small this year to help a person, community or family directly. This time; it’s even more personal.

While you’re perusing these selections don’t forget: our pieces have accessories such as earrings and bracelets to complement them if your budget is up to it. And most of our necklaces can be extended to reflect your preference.

Here are our picks for festive outfitting this year ...

Classical but casual

Australian fashion: outfit ideas for a relaxing Christmas.

Spent the pandemic in your trackies or jammies and aren’t ready to go full heels and face paint? Keep it classic but casual with our new little stars constellation necklace, matched with the Clara dress, a vintage inspired frock by Lazybones.

The stars themselves symbolise protection and are seen to ward off negativity, apt for an extremely bad year. They also represent guidance and wishes of good luck, building a better path to the future.

The Clara dress is made with organic cotton, so you’ll still be in your comfort zone, just with some added sparkle from the stars shining down on you. Literally.

Like us, Lazybones and most of the labels below offer Afterpay, so you can get your glam on without breaking the bank all at once.

Australian Christmas stylings

Australian outfit ideas with old world glamour and fun.

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but freshwater pearls deliver elegance and shine with old world glamour.

Make yourself the merry, merry king of the bush by matching the pearl birthstone pendant with this watermelon pink kookaburra frock from Alice Nightingale and you’ll be as frilled as we are. Sorry.

This pendant is part of our new amulets range, with etched starbursts symbolising enlightenment and to ward off the negativity of the past year. Officially pearl is the birthstone for June but we’re not ones to stand on convention, we love a pearl.

And we absolutely love this dress.

Inspired by nature

Australian jewellery and fashion: outfit ideas inspired by nature.

Nature – trees, colourful flowers, walks in the wood with kookaburras laughing, hayfever; remember them? Burst your way back in with a sparkle of citrine in a gold setting in our sunburst amulet necklace. Match the amulet with this original print wildflower swing top from Variety Hour and a bold skirt. Or go one further and throw some more colours at the world, completing your ensemble with the stunning shorts from Magpie Goose seen below.

Frolic in a meadow, creating the perfect Insta moment or a chance to digest after a very long lunch. Even if you’re stuck in the city the floral print will keep nature close by.

This print is particularly appropriate as our sunburst motif, like nature, represents renewal, growth and strength – attributes to get us through to a kinder, softer year, with more puppies, kittens, naps and hopefully an extreme lack of crises.

Relax with some fashion wisdom

Australian jewellery and fashion: outfit ideas inspired by nature.

Matching the wisdom of ancient cultures, this ensemble features an eye amulet necklace for protection, representing wisdom and love. The gorgeous shorts from Magpie Goose feature a print by Pintupi artist Alice Nampitjinpa Dixon. They depict the Tali Tali (sandhill) Tjukurrpa (Dreaming), a part of Aboriginal culture in Alice’s Country.

The lovely blues in the amulet’s aquamarine stone complement those in Alice’s sky blue / pink sunset print. Worn with another bold pattern such as the swing top above from Variety Hour or your bikini if you’re spending Christmas on the beach, this coupling would be perfect for an after lunch round of backyard cricket.

You could always grab some chips and lay on the couch watching all the Muppet movies in succession, basking in your own fabulousness. Let’s face it; we all deserve a rest and a pat on the back. And some relaxing Muppet time.

Whichever way you go, our new range features gorgeous gemstones set in numerous formats from necklaces to rings. Match them with a piece from your favourite independent clothing designer’s range or anything above and get ready to leave this tough year behind. But be sure to get some pavlova in first.

To take some pressure off, if you are sending gifts we can wrap them for you and add a colourful, uplifting Claire Ishino floral gift card with a personal message, or you can add your own if you’re gift giving face to face. Don’t forget your tissues for those you haven’t seen in a while.

Here’s to 2021 and to you.