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Article: Are gold rings worth the investment?

Are gold rings worth the investment?

By Simone Walsh

Why buy rings made in gold? Gold rings have been a much sought after jewellery accessory for millennia, with some of the oldest rings in gold found to date having been made around 6,500 years ago. The beauty, elegance, preciousness and durability of solid gold has made it an enormously popular choice for rings, right up to the present day.

Of course gold rings (as with all solid gold jewellery) are expensive, so why do people invest in them rather than more affordable metals?

Read on to explore the benefits of owning and wearing solid gold jewellery, along with the versatility and timeless style of gold rings and the different types of gold rings that you could consider adding to your rings collection.

Benefits of Solid Gold Rings:

Solid gold jewellery is known for its durability and strength, making it perfect for everyday wear. Rings can take a bit of a beating, especially if you wear them a lot of the time, so having them made in solid gold means they will survive the wear and tear of life better than softer metals, such as silver.

Unlike other metals, solid gold in 14ct (14K) or above does not tarnish or corrode, which means it will always maintain its stunning shine and beauty. It can sometimes discolour due to exposure chemicals including make up and chlorine. Read our article about how to care for and clean jewellery for some tips about this.

Although a tiny number of people are thought to have an allergy to it, gold is also generally non-irritating for almost everyone, making it a great choice for sensitive skin types. However, be aware that gold which is alloyed with nickel is much more prone to triggering allergies, so take care to choose jewellery which is nickel free (as is all Simone Walsh Jewellery). If you've read that gold is 'hypoallergenic', then be aware that this is just a marketing term: learn more in our jewellery myths article.

Finally, solid gold will generally retain its value as a precious metal and it can be endlessly reused when melted down. One of the reason gold has historically been used for wedding rings is as a demonstration of the groom's ability to provide for his bride, but also to give something small, portable and high value which can be sold in desperate times.

Versatility of Rings in Gold:

Being such a classic metal, gold rings are one of the most versatile pieces of jewellery a woman can own. Depending on the design, they can be worn with any outfit, from casual to formal and they will dress up or down really well.

They are generally ideal for everyday wear given how hard wearing they tend to be (again, depending on the design).

Rings in gold also come in a variety of styles, including classic designs, modern and contemporary designs, and even bohemian and vintage designs.

Timeless Style of Gold Rings:

The timeless style of gold rings makes them a great investment. Unlike fashion jewellery pieces that come and go, gold rings will never go out of style. They can be passed down from generation to generation, and will always be a valuable piece of jewellery to have in your collection.

Additionally, if you do decide you no longer like a particular design or need it to be modified in some way, a manufacturing jeweller can potentially modify or remake a gold ring for you. Plus of course they are generally repairable should something go wrong.

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Types of Rings Made in Gold:

  1. Simple Gold Bands - Classic gold bands are a must-have in any woman's jewellery collection. They are simple yet elegant, making them a versatile accessory for any occasion. Check our our simple rose gold ring as an example.
  2. Gemstone Gold Rings - A stone set on a gold ring makes for a stunning piece of jewellery. You can choose a clear or softly coloured stone or go for something vivid which will add a pop of colour to your fingers. Take a look at our birthstone rings for wide variety of gold gemstone rings.
  3. Statement Rings in Gold - Gold statement rings are perfect for those who want to add a pop of personality to their jewellery collection. They come in a range of styles, including chunky gold rings, gold cocktail rings, and rings featuring more eye-catching gemstones. Being made in solid gold, these are likely to be high value investment pieces.
  4. Gold Stacking Rings - Stacking rings are a great way to add depth and texture to your jewellery collection. Gold stacking rings can be mixed and matched with other rings to create a unique and personalised look.
  5. Classic Wedding Rings in Gold: Wedding rings, traditionally made of gold and often in the form of a simple band, symbolise the eternal bond of marriage. They are a classic choice for couples exchanging vows, representing love and commitment.
  6. Gold Signet Rings: Signet rings have a rich history and serve as a symbol of personal identity and heritage. They often feature engraved initials, crests, or family insignias, connecting the wearer to their lineage.
  7. Gold Skinny Rings:Delicate and slender, skinny gold rings offer a minimalist and modern aesthetic. They can be worn individually for an understated elegance or stacked to create a more eye-catching and personalised look.

Gold Rings: Worth the Investment

Rings made in gold are a must-have for any woman's jewellery collection. The benefits of owning and wearing solid gold jewellery, the versatility of gold rings, and the timeless style of gold rings make them a great investment.

The different types of gold rings, from classic bands to statement rings, provide endless possibilities for personalisation and expression.

So go ahead, indulge in a gold ring and enjoy the elegance and beauty it brings to your jewellery collection. Check our our full range of solid gold rings.