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Article: What to wear this festive season

What to wear this festive season

By Simone WalshChristmas

Whether you’re luxuriating at home for Christmas, poshing it up or planning a trip, our new & older ranges have some beautiful hand crafted, locally designed pieces to match up with the latest style trends - most also locally sourced from small shops and independent designers. (Christmas 2017)

Kylie McShane of The Write Association has brought them together to take a bit of silly season pressure off your hands.

Glamming it up on Christmas morning: Australian fashion and jewellery.

Glam it up in the morning

Let’s face it on December 25th you’ve probably been up all night playing Santa or fretting over tomorrow’s brunch/lunch/dinner etc shindig.

Give yourself a morning break and stay in a lovely pair of jammies or nightshirt, dressed up with our elegant Rose quartz and gold lariat necklace or Pearl chandelier pendant and matching earrings just in case unexpected guests turn up.

Clockwise from left:

Italian fashion and Australian jewellery for the elegantly young at heart.

Go for a bit of a frolic

Planning something fun and frolicy? Go dotty and pop on a rad pair of sterling silver Dotted chain earrings with a Mini dotted chain necklace and matching bracelet.

Access your inner child and chuck on a cute pinafore in a nice pastel colour, put your hair up in piggy tails and take to the swings whilst still remaining elegant and slightly grown up.

Clockwise from left:

Silver jewellery and accessories for summer 2017 in Australia.

Indulge your love of sparkles

Love sparkles? You’re in luck; it’s actually au fait to wear them before the sun sets at the moment.

So impress your guests by shining on through the day with a tailored silver suit, with a splash of deep blue thanks to our mandala pendant paired with matching lapis lazuli stud earrings. Pretty.

Clockwise from top left:

Bold Australian fashion and jewellery to wear at Christmas.

Go for bold, Australia!

Like it bold? Make a statement with contrasting colour (think tomato red with baby blue stockings or clutch) and glam it up with our Modernist style masterpieces, the Golden hematine hoop earrings and necklace.

You could also go for the sparkly Diamond disc pendant and matching drop earrings. Shine on you crazy diamond, you’re worth it.

Clockwise from left:

Striped blue dress with gold jewellery: Australian summer and Christmas fashion.

Keep it classic

If you want to keep it classic, stripes are still very much in vogue in all shapes from loose fitting frocks to tailored trousers.

Finish your favourite pieces off with our beautifully shiny Golden butterfly wing pendant, matched with our wonderfully delicate Butterfly wing earrings in 24ct gold vermeil. You’ll catch both the light and everyone's eyes.

Clockwise from left:

Embroidered and mandala boho fashion: Australian made and designed.

Embrace your inner Bohemian

You may have noticed a number of pieces around the traps embellished with fine embroidered features or broderie anglais.

Take your pick and unleash your inner Bohemian with a classic and stunningly detailed mehndi mandala pendant, one with rose garnet, one without and matching earrings in both plain (though they’re anything but) and with rose garnets.

Clockwise from top left:

Whichever you choose, for yourself or a loved one, we wish you a happy, joyous and safe festive season. We look forward to seeing you in the new year when we have some exciting things planned (no spoilers).

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