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Article: New jewellery range progress

New jewellery range progress

By Simone Walsh

Exciting news: our new jewellery range is starting to emerge from the design process, resulting in actual pieces of jewellery!

There's still lots to do: making and refining more designs; making decisions about gemstone combinations, surface finishes, assembly, etc.; getting all of that work completed; getting everything photographed; pricing and writing descriptions … and finally going live.

But for now I want to share some of the progress on a few new designs so far. Stay tuned for more.

PS. This is an old post relating to our 2015 range. Check out our latest range right here.

New handmade silver jewellery designs in progress.

From top to bottom:

  1. Some freshly cut out designs in silver and copper. Some of these designs have been refined and re-made after testing them in metal.
  2. Making some decisions about gemstone combinations for these particular designs.
  3. Finished jewellery components after being polished. I'm yet to decide on finishes for these pieces, so they may not all be shiny silver when complete.