New minimalist jewellery

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I love ornate jewellery designs, but it's also great to have some more simple, minimalist and geometric pieces, especially for everyday wear or if you're dressing up in something bold and just need some simple jewellery to adorn it.

New simple and minimalist jewellery designs.

Here are some of my favourite minimalist designs from the new range of jewellery.

Clockwise from top left:

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Simone Walsh is an Australian jewellery designer and maker who has been creating unique jewellery in silver, gold and gemstones for over 25 years. She lives and works on the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula outside Adelaide in South Australia, where she's lucky enough to wander on the beach and frolic in the garden in her free time. Simone is the Founder & Creative Director of Simone Walsh Jewellery.

Simone’s jewellery never ceases to amaze me - I love her originality and thoughtfulness.

Heather - Adelaide, Australia