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Article: Details in Bali: flowers, ornaments, temples and more

Details in Bali: flowers, ornaments, temples and more

By Simone WalshPersonal

Recently we spent some time in Bali - partly for business and partly for pleasure. I thought I'd share just a few of the lovely things we saw.

This was my second visit to the island and it again struck me as a fascinating and beautiful place with a very alive culture. This was something that surprised me on my first visit.

As a designer, the endless visual feast of both natural and cultural details is a bit like catnip.

Lotus flower in Ubud.

Pebble pattern on the pavement in Bali. Hand carved woodwork in a Balinese temple.

Ulan Danu Bratan temple in Bali.

Huge and ornate statue of the Hindu character Kumbhakarna. Hand carved doors in Bali.

Orchids in the Balinese Botanical Gardens, Bedugul.

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