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New jewellery packaging

Jewellery packaging for purchases from the online jewellery shop.

We've just launched our brand new jewellery packaging which accompanies jewellery purchases from the online shop.

Our new jewellery gift boxes are 100% recycled. The board is made with 90% post-consumer and 10% pre-consumer fibre.

The board is covered with matte charcoal coloured recycled paper (100% post-consumer fibre). The lid of each box is printed with a soft pink metallic foil.

Inside each jewellery gift box is a display card for the jewellery you've purchased. On the back of each card are some simple care instructions and a link to more detailed jewellery care and cleaning information.

The boxes are a great place to store your sterling silver and gold jewellery when it's not being worn to help keep it free from tarnish and dust.

They're also perfectly suited for gifts you purchase to be sent directly to a gift recipient, something we're more than happy to do.

Every piece of jewellery in the jewellery store will be delivered to you in this packaging, although currently a small number of larger designs will come with a slightly different and larger white box.

Simone Walsh is an Australian jewellery designer and maker who has been creating handmade jewellery in sterling silver, gold and gemstones for over 25 years. She lives and works in the beautiful countryside outside Adelaide in South Australia, where she's surrounded by vineyards and rolling hills. Simone is the Founder & Creative Director of Simone Walsh Jewellery.

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