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Article: New amulets jewellery range out now

New amulets jewellery range out now

By Simone WalshJewellery

Our brand new Amulets jewellery range is sentimental and full of meaning. The jewellery is all about sentiments of love and care, along with wishes for luck, protection and guidance (whether for yourself or as a special gift): perfect for the strange times we're living in.

New Australian jewellery range: Amulets and birthstones in sterling silver and solid gold.

There is a collection of amulet and star designs with different meanings. The new range also features a full suite of birthstone jewellery: necklaces, earrings and rings in sterling silver and gold.

We're very happy with the new designs and really hope you like them too. Check out the new jewellery range.

It nearly didn't happen

This new range very nearly didn't happen. In the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic we were very concerned that our small, family run business would struggle to survive at all. We felt sure a new range in 2020 would be too much of a risk and that we should instead focus on selling pieces we already have.

However, since then our customers have showed us an enormous amount of support, entirely proving our predictions wrong ... much to our relief! This gave us enough confidence to get on with planning for a new range.

Designing the range

My starting point for the new pieces was simply thinking about the state of the world and our greatly amplified collective wishes that we and the people we love will be safe and well.

I have a strong sentimental attachment to many objects and jewellery pieces: I was hoping to design pieces with the potential to create that attachment for other people. To do that I decided to use iconic, geometric design elements with a big focus on gemstones.

I started work planning, designing and creating the new range several months ago: it's been a labour of love. I feel proud and happy to see it completed and out in the world.

Thank you!

A very big thank you to every one of you who has supported us so far in 2020, whether by simply being on our mailing list, talking to people about what we do, or by being a customer. It's been very heartening indeed and we truly, madly and deeply appreciate it.


We hope you and your people are all doing well.