Choose your favourite jewellery: we have a winner!

To celebrate the launch of our new 25th Anniversary jewellery range, we picked our Top Ten new designs and we asked you to tell us which is your favourite and why.

The results are now in - and they are remarkably close. Here are the top 3 new jewellery designs as chosen by our readers, with lots of tied places as you can see.

First place:

Dahlia stud earrings: solid gold

Dahlia solid gold stud earrings in our Australian jewellery store online: a limited edition design.

The winning jewellery in our poll by just a couple of votes: these dahlia gold stud earrings. They are a limited edition design to celebrate our 25th Anniversary. They're made in solid 14ct gold - and they're gorgeous to wear (yes, I sneakily made a pair for myself, along with the matching pendant!).

Here are some of the comments about the stud earrings from our poll participants:

  • "Dahlias were my wedding flowers now every time I look at this stunning set I think and feel the joyous day all over again. Your creations inspire joy!"
  • "I love the delicate lace design of the Dahlia pattern, it depicts the gorgeous flower, but could also be a mandala."
  • "Love love love the artistic detail in your designs."
  • "They’re fresh, pretty and different. They can be used to dress up or down, which is perfect when you’re travelling."
  • Classy, chic, wearable at any occasion. Love the design very elegant.

Second place:

We had a three-way tie for second place, so here are all three of them.

Bouquet necklace

Bouquet necklace made in sterling silver: a unique statement necklace by Australian jewellery designer Simone Walsh.

This gorgeous sterling silver necklace makes a striking statement piece. It features all of the flowers in our new Bouquet Range (part of our 25th Anniversary jewellery range).

Here are some of the comments about the bouquet silver necklace from our poll participants:

  • "I love the beautiful bouquet necklace because it is a happy piece of jewellery, it makes me smile. The cluster of cherry blossom, lotus, dahlia, daisy and chrysanthemum flowers and what they represent make this necklace a very meaningful gift for someone very special. I love that it can be matched."
  • "It's just so lovely and light like fresh blossoms in spring."
  • "The bouquet necklace is fresh and simple enough for anyone to wear - from a young girl to a much older woman. It brings the clear beauty of flowers to life without any additional adornment. There is variety in the flower shapes and it just makes me feel happy!"
  • "I love that it’s cheery, asymmetrical, and that it celebrates the beauty of specific flowers without being slavishly realistic. It’s also versatile and eye-catching without being too “statementy”. And finally, I haven’t seen one like this anywhere."
  • "Interesting enough to be a statement necklace but delicate enough that it isnt overbearing!"

Cherry blossom hoop earrings

Cherry blossom sterling silver hoop earrings in our jewellery Australia online store.

These delightfully simple cherry blossom hoop earrings are also tied for second place. They're made entirely in sterling silver and are a lot of fun to wear.

Here are some of the comments about the sterling silver hoop earrings from our poll participants:

  • "I love how dainty the hoop and cherry blossom are. I love how the flower hangs down from the hoop allowing it to be more eye-catching than if it were subtly sitting on the ear as a stud. It looks elegant, chic, simple and can be matched with many many outfits."
  • "Simple yet gorgeous!"
  • "I love how it is a simple design, yet rather sophisticated!!"
  • "It showcases your work and is elegant and timeless. I have been a fan of your work for years!"
  • "Cherry blossom hoop earrings for it's simplistic beauty which can go from the beach to the boardroom! :)"

Chrysanthemum pendant: solid rose gold

Chrysanthemum solid rose gold pendant on a sterling silver chain necklace: a unique jewellery design by Australian jeweller Simone Walsh.

This gorgeous sterling silver and solid rose gold necklace has been so popular that our stocks are already getting low. And it was a hit with in our poll too.

Here are some of the comments about the solid rose gold necklace with a chrysanthemum design from our poll participants:

  • "It has a beautiful energy"
  • "Love rose gold. My husbands grandmother used to always wore rose gold and as her name was Ruby, that was the stone she favoured. My mother always grew chrysanthemums in her garden and she and Dad would bring me bunches of them."
  • "It’s a beautiful piece that perfectly captures the organic beauty of chrysanthemums! A perfect gift (for a mum like me ;) )"
  • "When I was a young child I always bought my mum chrysanthemums for Mother's Day. She has since passed away from Breast cancer & this reminds me of her, also, it is a pinky colour which is the colour for breast cancer awareness."

Third place:

Yes, we had another tie for third place, this time for two different jewellery designs.

Mehndi mandala & rose garnet necklace

Mehndi mandala beaded necklace with rose garnet gemstone beads and a sterling silver statement pendant.

This is a stunning statement necklace which we're sure will be a big hit during the party season, with it's bold and beautiful solid sterling silver mehndi mandala pendant and richly coloured rose garnet (or rhodolite) gemstone beads.

Here are some of the comments about the mehndi mandala gemstone beaded necklace from our poll participants:

  • "The pattern in the mandala is exquisite. It reminds me of the delicate crochet that my grandma use to do when she would look after me."
  • "l like the symbolism of the mandala as a sign of universal connection of humanity. Also appreciate the contrast with the necklace."
  • "Beautiful, delicate design that shows off the gorgeous work of the designer."
  • "It’s stunning. And the necklace is exquisite. Beautifully crafted."

Opal and solid gold stud earrings

Opal earrings: solid gold stud earrings with opal gemstones in our Australian jewellery online store.

These earrings are already a hugely popular piece from the new range and I've been very busy making more of them. In fact, I'm wearing a pair of them myself as I write this post!

Here are some of the comments about the opal and solid gold stud earrings from our poll participants:

  • "I love the gold, the simplicity and the way they showcase this natural Australian treasure."
  • "It’s a timeless elegant design. I could wear these for decades and they would still be special. There’s no beating class."
  • "The opal earrings are simple, elegant and sophisticated - I imagine I could wear them with anything."
  • "I love the luminescent colours if opals and the mystery they hold. The delicate opal solid gold studs are perfect to wear everyday. I have them in a third hole on my earlobe, because they are so small, means I don't need to take them out and I can still wear other earrings with them."

Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll. We really do appreciate it and it was a lot of fun to work out the winners and read the lovely comments. The competition with its $150 gift voucher prize has closed and the randomly drawn winner was Rachel. Congratulations!

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Simone Walsh is an Australian jewellery designer and maker who has been creating handmade jewellery in sterling silver, gold and gemstones for over 25 years. She lives and works on the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula outside Adelaide in South Australia, where she's lucky enough to walk on the beach and visit vineyards in her free time. Simone is the Founder & Creative Director of Simone Walsh Jewellery.


  • Thanks so much Jan :)

    Simone Walsh
  • Beautiful jewellery that I wear as often as I can…….thank you for your creations.

    Jan Casey

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