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Article: 14ct Party People: Celebrating at Christmas (2018)

14ct Party People: Celebrating at Christmas (2018)

By Kylie McShane

We’ve got a whole new range of jewellery at your disposal because – YAY; it’s our 25th anniversary! That’s 25 years of Simone designing the kind of adornments that will set off your ensemble and personality with style.

To celebrate we’ve decided to have a little fun and imagine what our Simone Walsh Jewellery pieces would be like if you met them at a Christmas soiree. See if you can spot one in the wild during the festive season. You may even spot one in the mirror.

The bouquet necklace

Silver necklace: bouquet of flowers chain necklace The life of the party, the girl in the bouquet necklace likes her dresses bright and her cardigans covered in brooches.

That’s why this daisy, dahlia, lotus, chrysanthemum and cherry blossom piece is her go to – as well as being beautiful she can mix and match it with whatever strikes her at the time from our bouquet range earrings selection.

The daisy and opal necklace

Daisy and opal gemstone necklace in sterling silver and solid gold by Australian jewellery designer Simone Walsh. Strong and feminine, our daisy & opal necklace wearing friend likes to be classic and in control. She projects elegance and this is reflected in her jewellery choices.

This piece is made in classic sterling silver, featuring a 14ct solid gold setting with a luminous opal gemstone. The stone is subtle yet flashy with hues of green, blue and red that change with the light. 

She's often seen accompanied by our opal and solid gold stud earrings or the flamboyant daisy and opal cocktail ring.

The solid gold dahlia earrings

Solid gold stud earrings with a dahlia flower design. This flashy lady likes her cars fast and jewellery gold, solid gold baby. That’s why these 14ct solid gold dahlia earrings (a high quality investment piece which will last a lifetime and beyond) are perfect for her.

She’s all about limited edition pieces, just like these stud earrings, which have been made in honour of our 25th birthday.

Often seen around town with the matching 14ct solid gold dahlia necklace

The leaves and buds necklace

Silver and rose garnets pendant necklace: leaves Our leaves and buds necklace is for the woman whose main priority is to stick out from the crowd.

The facetted rose garnet gemstone beads swing, with their sparkle catching the eye.

They can be worn with a range of ensembles from classic to casual and be matched with our leaves and buds earrings to ensure all eyes are on them as they sashay through the crowd.

The double tulip earrings and necklace

Rose gold stud earrings: double tulip flowers The double tulip earrings and matching tulip necklace combo in rose gold is an old favourite. She’ll be your best friend and will always show you off about town, but is also be there for you in quieter moments when you need a cheer up cocktail or a night in watching Buffy, away from the crowd.

Her petals look delicate in beautiful rose gold but they’re strong as all heck. She likes to smile at strangers and dance in the rain.

Keep your eyes peeled for these women of exquisite taste as you do the rounds at Christmas. You might make a new friend or decide which lovely, handcrafted piece to treat yourself with.

Visit the full new jewellery range and also check out our very handy Christmas gift guide.