Gift wrapping (per item)


We'll gift wrap your purchases for you, whether you're sending your order directly to a gift recipient or just want to save yourself some hassle. Add gift wrapping directly in the shopping cart by checking the box when you continue your order during checkout.

All of our jewellery comes in lovely Simone Walsh Jewellery gift boxes, but you can also add the extra special touch of gift wrapping to each piece your order.

Simply check the box in the shopping cart page to have gift wrapping added for each item in your cart. Choose from regular or Christmas gift wrapping and we'll wrap the items in beautiful paper tied with woven golden cord.

If you add extra items you'd like to have wrapped after selecting gift wrapping in your shopping cart, make sure you increase the quantity of items to be wrapped.

You can add a gift message (even just a simple 'to' and 'from') in the special instructions box on the cart page and it will be printed and included with your order. Alternatively you can purchase a gift card and have the message printed inside.

If the items in your order are for multiple recipients, please indicate which piece is going to which person in the special instructions so we can identify them for you.

Important: note that wrapping paper designs shown in photos are indicative only: we change and add to our wrapping paper selection over time.

Just the facts:

  • Materials: Wrapping paper and wrapped gold coloured cord.

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