Silver Dollar Leaves on Amazonite Beaded Necklace


The gorgeous blue-green amazonite gemstone beads in this necklace perfectly pick up the colouring seen in silver dollar eucalyptus, pairing beautifully with the leaves pendant made in shiny sterling silver.

We love this branch stylised silver dollar leaves made in real silver. And we love it even more suspended from this beaded necklace with blue-green amazonite gemstones, which are such a great fit for the colour of this type of eucalyptus leaf.

This necklace will be a great addition to a simple outfit. Imagine wearing it with a crisp white shirt or a dress in complimentary yellow. You can use it to make a casual outfit look more well put together, but you can also experiment wearing it with more dressy outfits as well.

We recommend wearing simple silver ball studs and plain silver stacking rings with this necklace (you might also add in a thin gold ring or two as a complimentary colour). That way it will remain the main attraction. But we're also fans of experimenting and going more over the top if you're in the mood. In that case, take a look at the matching silver dollar dangle earrings.

The beaded necklace will also make a beautiful gift for someone who loves Australian native plants or likes to be reminded of the Australian landscape wherever they may be.

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The cut out branch of silver dollar leaves is made in bright and shiny sterling silver. The pendant is suspended from a necklace created with blue-green coloured amazonite gemstones which have a smooth round finish. These natural gem beads all have subtle variations in colouring, giving you a unique piece of jewellery.

The adjustable necklace can be worn at choker length (40cm or 15.7") or extended to standard or princess length (50cm or 19.7"). You can add more length with a silver chain necklace extender.

Important: This is a little shorter than many of our necklaces and when using an extension chain with this necklace the clasp will sit to one side at the back of your neck as the pendant at the front is fixed in place.

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What you'll love:

  • Quality sterling silver pendant necklace.
  • Amazonite gemstone beads with a blue-green colouring with subtle variations between each bead.
  • Sturdy and secure clasp.
  • Versatile adjustable chain.
  • Larger sized pendant with a fun silver dollar eucalyptus leaves design.
  • Perfect for adding eye-catching interest to a casual outfit.
  • Will be the stand out feature when worn with simple clothing.

Just the facts:

  • Materials: Sterling silver and amazonite gemstone beads.
  • Pendant size: The pendant is approximately 3.2cm (1.26") at its tallest and 1.6cm (0.63") at its widest.
  • Bead size: The beads vary a little in size but average around 0.4cm (0.16") in diameter.
  • Necklace length: Adjustable from 40cm (15.7") to 50cm (19.7"). Note that this is shorter than many of our necklaces and when using an extension chain with this necklace the clasp will need to sit to one side at the back of your neck as the pendant at the front is fixed in place.

Most of our necklaces are adjustable. We generally use standard (or princess) length (45cm / 18"), with an additional 10cm chain go up to matinee length (55cm / 22"). This is the most popular length for necklaces.

Some necklaces have different lengths and a small number are not adjustable. Be sure to read the product details and also the materials & sizes section for details about this particular necklace.

Necklace length chart in cm and inches

Our necklace lengths chart will give an idea of how lengths will sit. Everyone is different, so we recommend measuring an existing necklace or using string to see what will suit you.

Important: measurements are the total length (circumference). Also remember that pendants will sit lower: check our sizes & materials section for full size details.

Still not sure? Check out our handy necklace length & style guide.

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