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Article: Romantic rose jewellery you'll love

Romantic rose jewellery you'll love

By Simone WalshJewellery

This is an old blog post. Visit our Australian Jewellery Shop to check out the latest jewellery.

We're pretty sure you'll come up roses wearing our delightful rose jewellery designs.

Rose jewellery in sterling silver.

We've got post earrings, pendants and rings, all made in precious sterling silver with different finishes and some gemstones, some of which have been inspired by roses.

Like many people, I really do love roses. They especially remind me of my lovely late grandmother who was a dab hand at growing the most beautiful roses and who also had a vintage lolly tin covered in pictures of roses (which I now own).

Luckily I live in a part of the world where roses thrive, so we're surrounded by them for a fair bit of each year. That's another reason why I'm often inspired by them in my work. 

Did you know there are hundreds of rose species and thousands of garden hybrids? Find out more about roses on Wikipedia.