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Article: Magical mehndi jewellery designs

Magical mehndi jewellery designs

By Simone Walsh
Mehndi mandala jewellery handmade in sterling silver. Shop online in Australia.

Newly available in our Australian online jewellery store are these magnificent mehndi mandala inspired pendants and earrings. And we're pretty sure you'll fall in love with them.

I'm especially happy with these gorgeous and very intricate sterling silver jewellery designs and they're already proving very popular.

The jewellery pieces are based on a mehndi mandala, the full version of which is available as a truly stunning statement pendant.  

The smaller pendant is a quarter of this mandala and the mehndi earrings are an eighth.  These two designs are available either with a gorgeous rhodolite (or rose garnet) gemstone setting or the pendant and earrings are also available in plain silver - well, as plain as you can get with such an intricate design!

It's worth noting that the mehndi designs will make beautiful and exotic wedding and bridal jewellery.

Some history

We first designed and released the smaller pendant and earrings some years ago.

They were much loved designs, but were very labour-intensive to make, so we decided to take a break from producing them.

With some changes to our jewellery making processes we're really excited to be able to bring them back again - and especially to being able to make the big, bold and beautiful full sized pendant available, which is something I always dreamed of doing.

If you're in the USA, these pieces area also available in our USA online store.