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Article: What to Wear: Christmas & Summer Outfit Ideas

What to Wear: Christmas & Summer Outfit Ideas

By Kylie McShaneOutfit ideas

To honour the land that inspired our new Australian Flora Range, we've matched our latest range to some gorgeous garments made by Indigenous labels. Treat yourself or someone else to the whole shebang while supporting First Nations folk.

In keeping with this time of year we’ve made our matches with an eye to what you may want to wear Christmas Day or to one of Santa’s associated parties, but the outfits will work beautifully throughout the summer months as well.

Please note: We have, where indicated by the label, used garments allocated Ally Friendly wear only, rather than garments made specifically only for First Nations people. Also note that Simone Walsh is an ally herself and not a First Nations person.

Whichever Simone Walsh Jewellery piece you choose, either for yourself or that special someone, we hope you also enjoy exploring and supporting these magnificently talented Indigenous labels/artists. Not just now, but into the new year, the rest of summer and well beyond.

Check our handy gift guide for more Christmas shopping ideas. May all your days be merry and bright - and not just during the festive season.