Australian Flora Open Locket on Moss Agate Necklace


You'll feel extra special wearing this beautiful open locket necklace which is inspired by Australian native plants and flowers. It's an engaging and beautiful beaded necklace featuring moss agate gemstones.

This beaded necklace design with an open locket is inspired by Australian nature. The top panel features an intricately cut out wattle wreath design, while the partially hidden interior panel has a detailed etched pattern featuring an array of Australian native plants. The two panels will swing, tinkle and sparkle as you move, revealing more of the inside pattern. The highly varied green moss agate beads are also captivating, with inclusions that look like moss or ferns.

This statement necklace will look amazing paired with a white linen shirt or any outfit featuring the right green colouring. It will also work beautifully with black or complimented with reds, pinks or browns. It will add some dressy style to a more casual outfit, but you can dress it up too. You'll generally want to pair it with more subtle silver jewellery so this stiking necklace gets all of the attention.

The open locket beaded necklace will also delight a gift recipient who loves beautiful, bold and interesting jewellery - especially if they also love Australian nature.

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The open locket pendant necklace is created using two domed panels of shiny sterling silver which swing freely from a bail at the top. The panels will move as you do, revealing more of the flora pattern inside the locket and tinkling gently.

The top panel has been intricately cut out with our wattle pattern, through which you can see glimpses of the etched inside panel of the locket. Inside is a striking stylised Australian flora pattern featuring an array of different plants in sparkling silver.

Note that the open design of the open locket necklace is not intended to hold photographs or other keepsakes.

The pendant is suspended from a moss agate gemstone beaded necklace, with the beads having a smooth and shiny finish. The beads are highly varied and feature an array of greens and inclusions that can look like moss or ferns. The variability of these gemstones means you'll get a unique necklace.

The clasp and extension chain with our logo tag are in sterling silver. Each of the pearls is slightly different in colouring and shape, so you will have a unique necklace.

The adjustable chain can be worn at different lengths and you can add even more length with one of our silver chain necklace extenders.

Important: This is a little shorter than many of our necklaces and when using an extension chain with this necklace the clasp will sit to one side at the back of your neck as the pendant at the front is fixed in place.

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What you'll love:

  • Quality sterling silver pendant necklace.
  • Beautiful moss agate beads in a wide variety of greens and inclusions.
  • Sturdy sterling silver clasp.
  • Versatile adjustable length chain in sterling silver.
  • A very striking and engaging piece to wear as the panels will sparkle and swing freely as you move, giving different views of the pattern inside.
  • A truly beautiful statement piece to dress up with.
  • Makes a unique and special gift for someone who loves bold jewellery an Australian nature.

Just the facts:

  • Materials: Sterling silver and moss agate gemstone beads.
  • Pendant size: The pendant is 3cm (1.18") in diameter and 0.7cm (0.28") at its deepest.
  • Bead size: The beads are each approximately 0.4cm (0.16") in diameter.
  • Necklace length: Adjustable from 40cm (15.7") to 50cm (19.7"). Note that this is a little shorter than many of our necklaces and when using an extension chain with this necklace the clasp will need to sit to one side at the back of your neck as the pendant at the front is fixed in place.

Most of our necklaces are adjustable. We generally use standard (or princess) length (45cm / 18"), with an additional 10cm chain go up to matinee length (55cm / 22"). This is the most popular length for necklaces.

Some necklaces have different lengths and a small number are not adjustable. Be sure to read the product details and also the materials & sizes section for details about this particular necklace.

Necklace length chart in cm and inches

Our necklace lengths chart will give an idea of how lengths will sit. Everyone is different, so we recommend measuring an existing necklace or using string to see what will suit you.

Important: measurements are the total length (circumference). Also remember that pendants will sit lower: check our sizes & materials section for full size details.

Still not sure? Check out our handy necklace length & style guide.

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