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Article: Top 5 Jewellery Designs in Australia in 2023

Top 5 Jewellery Designs in Australia in 2023

Top jewellery designs in Australia for 2023 Jewellery is about more than decoration. For centuries, people have used jewellery to carry sentiment, show appreciation or reflect the natural or cultural world around them. That’s why many of the most popular jewellery designs in Australia pay homage to the beautiful country we call home.

Pieces inspired by our surroundings encourage us to see and celebrate the splendour of Australia and its natural environment. Other jewellery designs are simply 'having a moment' in Australia and are ideal for updating your jewellery collection as we travel through 2023.

Whether it’s the material, general style, or specific design that links to the gorgeous warmth of Australia, these 5 top jewellery designs are trending right now - and for good reason.

Pearl Jewellery

Pearls have been used in jewellery for millennia, which is precisely why they’re considered timeless. Pearl jewellery will always have a place in every jewellery lover's collection. In Australia we have a great love of water - the sea and freshwater - and pearls will always be a reminder of this.

The type of pearl jewellery that was in fashion for much of the 20th century often used perfectly round pearls that don't vary much in colour at all. But more recently, Australian jewellers have been using pearls in more organic shapes and interesting colours.

Organically shaped pearls offer a fresh take on the traditional pearl necklace, made famous by the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel. The unique, soft shapes of natural pearls are elegant and playful. They’ve helped modernise pearl jewellery and carried the timeless trend into the 21st century.

Pearls naturally have varying colours and tones. Different pearl colours have to do with the species of oyster, the number of nacre layers and the thickness of nacre layers. Nacre is the organic substance that oysters secrete to form oysters. In addition some pearls are dyed to create more vibrant colourings.

Freshwater pearls are the most commonly produced and affordable pearls. They are very popular with jewellery designers because of their range in shape and colour. Our freshwater pearl necklace sports cultured pearls varying in tone from peach to mauve. The result is fresh, youthful, and utterly beautiful - and a very clear reminder of being beside the seaside.

Amulet Style Jewellery

Amulet jewellery was worn as far back as in Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians believed the symbols were imbued with meaning; promising good fortune and protection for the wearer.

Modern amulet jewellery often hints towards these roots and is designed with intentional meaning for the wearer. Because amulet pieces are often eye-catching and bold in design, Australian jewellery lovers often wear larger amulet-style jewellery as statement pieces on their own. However, modern and smaller amulet designs are easy to integrate into a layered or stacked jewellery look because of their more subtle nature.

Our Amulet Range carries sentiments of love and care, and well wishes for luck, protection, and guidance. With details inspired by the night sky, the warmth of the sun, deep love and wisdom, you’re sure to find a piece that resonates with you and reflects your personal style.

Etched Jewellery

Solid gold signet ring with an Australian wattle flower design

A trending design in Australian jewellery is metal jewellery etched or stamped with patterns, motifs, pictures, or symbols. We use this technique extensively in our new Australian Flora jewellery range, which native Australian plants and flowers.

This love of Australian-inspired patterns isn’t a 21st-century trend. In fact, people who work with antique jewellery can often tell if something is of Australian origin by the fauna and flora patterns stamped into the jewellery. 

Nowadays, you can find this trend in any type of jewellery; pendant necklaces, bangles, arm cuffs, and earrings. A popular jewellery piece that makes use of this design trend is the signet ring. Originally made to mark and seal documents, signet rings have become canvases for personalised motifs and beautiful patterns.

One of our favourite signet ring designs is the Wattle Solid Gold Signet Ring, which sports the leaves of the stunning and uniquely Australian wattle plant. It's made in solid 14ct gold (or 14K if you're in the USA).

Geometric Shapes

Australian flora and morganite gemstone pendant necklace

Modern and funky, geometric shapes have steadily increased in popularity over the last few years - and not just in Australia. These fun shapes are easy to dress up or down, finishing off every outfit with style.

When choosing a piece of geometric jewellery for your collection, consider what each shape might say about you. Shapes with harsh angles and straight lines project confidence and enthusiasm, while rounded shapes give off a feeling of tranquility and grace.

Many geometric pieces combine straight lines and round curves to create simple but fun designs. Half-circles, rainbow-shaped arches, and squares with rounded edges are just a few of the most common shapes used in geometric jewellery.

Our Flora Half Pattern & Morganite Necklace sports a half-circle pendant and is completed with Australian flora patterns and a beautiful pale pink morganite stone.

Locket Necklaces

Another jewellery piece that is dripping with history is the locket necklace. These allow you to carry your loved ones close to your heart, reminding you of them throughout each day. You can fill a locket pendant with a printed picture of your loved one, a snippet of a love letter, or a tiny keepsake that reminds you of a special memory. Designed for those with big hearts, locket necklaces will only go out of fashion when love itself does.

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Our Moon And Back Locket is made for those who long to be near their loved ones at all hours of the day. The beautiful moon and star design reflects the sentiment of loving someone to the moon and back. The sterling silver locket features a solid gold setting with a luminous moonstone gem.

Which of These Jewellery Designs Inspires You?

Each of these jewellery designs has the potential to catch your eye and is sure to catch your heart. Investing in a piece of jewellery that reflects your love for your home or your family is a wonderful way to celebrate the good in your life.

Here at Simone Walsh Jewellery, you can find a wide range of Australian-designed and made jewellery that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re looking for something small and subtle, or something big and bold, we’ve got a piece of jewellery for everyone. Visit the online store.