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Gift giving for the style challenged

How to choose the perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend, partner, daughter or female friend.

Are you style challenged? Or perhaps you just feel confused about how to choose the perfect gifts for the woman in your life? You're not alone: it's not always easy to know where to start.

Never fear: we can help you find the perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend, daughter, mother or friend.

Let's get dive in!

What does she wear?

If possible (and without being creepy, of course) try to sneak a look at her jewellery collection when she's not around to see what she has in her stash.

This is a great way to get an idea of what she likes to wear.

Ask yourself some questions about what you see:

  • Are her jewellery pieces generally small and subtle? Or larger and intended to be eye-catching?
  • Does she prefer silver or gold as the colour of metal she wears? Or a mixture?
  • Do you see her wearing coloured jewellery or just plain metal jewellery pieces?
  • If her jewellery is colourful, is there are dominant colour or type?
  • Does she have a preferred design theme: flowers, geometric designs, minimalist forms, hearts or flourishes?
  • Do you think she has a preference for a particular type of jewellery: necklaces, earrings or rings?
  • What specific styles does she favour: dangly or post earrings, long or short necklaces, plain or decorated rings?

What type of person is she?

You'll also find it helpful just to think about the type of person she is when you're choosing a gift:

  • Is she unlikely to buy anything special for herself? Can you make up for this?
  • Is she outgoing and enjoys attention, or the opposite?
  • Is she sentimental and does she like sentimental gifts?
  • Would she appreciate a statement piece of jewellery to wear for special occasions?
  • Does she like dressing up to go out?

What does she do?

You can also consider what sorts of things your gift recipient does day-to-day:

  • Does she work in a job where she needs to look smart or more casual?
  • Is she able to wear jewellery day-in, day-out, or only when going out socially?
  • How often does she go out? Special occasions only or more regularly?
  • Does she have small children which might make regularly wearing long necklaces or dangly earrings difficult?
  • Are there any special occasions coming up which she's likely to dress up for?

Phone a friend!

It's a great idea to ask one of her friends or close family members what they think she might like:

  • Has she mentioned any particular items she's been thinking about getting lately?
  • What do they think about any gifts you currently have in mind?
  • Do they have any clues as to her preferred types of jewellery, ring size, colours, etc.?

Got some ideas: now what?

Hopefully answering some of these questions has given you a good starting point to figure out what you'd like to get for your gift recipient.

The best place to start looking for the perfect gift is our Christmas Shopping Guide. We have all sorts of suggestions to help you pin down the perfect pieces (even if it's not Christmas when you read this).

Alternatively visit our online jewellery shop and dive in to the entire jewellery range.

We're sure you'll find just the thing!

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