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Article: Rings and things

Rings and things

By Simone WalshMaking jewellery
Sterling silver and gold filled stacking rings with gemstone settings.

This is an old blog post. Visit the jewellery in Australia shop to see our newest jewellery designs.

Thought I'd share a bit more of some new jewellery designs I've been working on over the last few days.

To the left are a stack of stacking rings, all handmade in sterling silver or gold filled and some featuring a variety of gemstone settings.

The new range will feature both individual and sets of stacking rings for you to mix and match, which is one of my favourite ways to wear rings.

The quatrefoil fretwork pendant below and matching earring panels are some of my favourite designs from the new range.

Handmade quatrefoil fretwork pendant and earring panels in sterling silver and 23ct gold gilding.

The fretwork is sawn out by hand in sterling silver and the inside of the pieces has a silky hammer-beaten texture which has been gilded with lovely 23ct gold.

All of the pieces for the new handmade jewellery range are now basically complete. There's lots of work going on to write descriptions and photographs are yet to be taken. But we're not too far off launching.