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Why buy handmade?

Buying handmade will help you to win friends and influence people!

But, more seriously, by purchasing handmade you are supporting independent designers and artisans who have worked hard to develop their skills and knowledge. These designers play a role in keeping these skills and innovative design alive into the future.

Your piece of jewellery or other handmade product won't have been made in an anonymous (and possibly unethical) factory, but instead will have been worked on by hand by a real person, often working in their own business.

Buying handmade also means buying products which are unique. Generally speaking, no two handmade items will be identical and the item you purchase will be even more special for that reason.

You are also supporting micro businesses operated by people who are just like you. Such businesses add diversity to the business world and can be more creative, fresh and flexible than larger businesses often are. In addition, many indie design businesses make an extra effort to be eco-friendly and sustainable - another plus!

We strongly encourage you to seek out quality handmade goods created by indie designers whenever you can and support the handmade movement!

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