Environment and ethics

Eco-jewellery: environment, ethics and sustainability.

Every business has an environmental and ethical impact - a small independent design business is no different. Plus of course creating jewellery has its own special array of environmental and ethical considerations.

If we expect big businesses and governments to make changes to help make the world a better place, then we believe that even small businesses and individuals need to play a part as well.

We're not perfect, but do our very best to play a part in making things better and always strive to improve where we can.

How you can make a difference

Buying from independent designers and small, local businesses when you can is one way that you can help make the world a better place by moving away from everything you purchase being mass-produced - sometimes in very bad circumstances - and shipped in large quantities over long distances.

It also means being supportive of people working for themselves in small and local businesses, which has all sorts of benefits in your community.

Learn more about how to truly support independent designers.

How we aim to make a difference

Here is a rundown of how Simone Walsh Jewellery aims to make a contribution towards a better world:

  • Simone Walsh Jewellery offers customers the option to add a small carbon offset contribution to their shipping costs when checking out from our online jewellery store. These contributions are collected and donated quarterly to Carbon Neutral - an Australian-run non-profit carbon offset organisation.
  • We create as many of our jewellery designs with recycled precious metal as we can.
  • All scrap metal left over from creating handmade jewellery is collected for recycling. Gold and silver scrap is ultimately sent off to be melted down, refined and reused again and again.
  • Simone creates some recycled handmade jewellery designs which are specifically intended to recycle as much scrap metal as possible so that only small pieces are refined.
  • When selecting chemicals to use in our business we always opt for a safer and/or lower impact alternative when available, such as borax for flux and citric acid for pickle.
  • We use gemstones in our jewellery designs, however, for stones which may otherwise have a high value and especially which cannot be guaranteed to come from an ethical source, we try instead to source lab grown gemstones as an alternative. Lab grown stones have none of the potential ethical or environmental issues that mined stones do, yet are identical on a molecular level to the stones they replace. They also have a beautiful clarity and colour, yet are far less expensive to use.  We do use natural gemstones as well, but generally less expensive ones which have fewer ethical issues associated with them.
  • Simone Walsh Jewellery recycles all other recyclable materials generated by our business, such as paper and plastic. We also use paper which is at least 50% recycled. We use other recycled products whenever it is feasible.
  • As our Australian jewellery business has grown, we have sought help from an ethically-run jewellery workshop offshore to keep up with production demands and enable us to continue to make our intricate designs possible. Simone has personally visited this workshop to ensure she is happy with the working conditions.