Australian Flora Pattern Pendant Necklace


This striking silver statement necklace features our intricate etched Australian flora pattern filled with iconic native flowers and plants. It's a big and bold pendant to show off your unique sense of style.

Our Australian flora pattern looks amazing on this large dish pendant made in thick sterling silver. The recessed areas of the pattern have been blackened to make them boldly stand out from the shiny silver background.

The dish pendant is a perfect statement necklace to bring a casual outfit to life. It also dresses up beautifully when paired with simple silver ball stud earrings and silver rings.

The pendant will look great with v-necked, surplice or plunge necklines. Alternatively wear it long over a higher neckline.

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The Australian flora pattern pendant is made in bright and shiny sterling silver which is domed inwards to catch the light. The recessed areas of the etched pattern have been blackened. The pendant is suspended from a delicate and sparkly silver chain. The chain is completed with a sterling silver clasp. The adjustable chain can be worn at different lengths and you can add more length with a silver chain necklace extender.

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What you'll love:

  • Quality sterling silver pendant necklace.
  • Sturdy and secure clasp.
  • Versatile adjustable chain.
  • Unique and intricate stylised Australian flora pattern with native plants and flowers.
  • Large dish pendant design which will make a statement.
  • Will dress up further when paired with other silver jewellery.
  • This pendant will always be a reminder of the Australian landscape, wherever the wearer may be, so it makes a gorgeous gift.

Just the facts:

  • Materials: Sterling silver.
  • Pendant size: The pendant is approximately 3cm (1.18") in diameter.
  • Necklace length: Adjustable from 45cm (18") to 55cm (21.5"). Add a further 15cm (6") with our silver chain extender.

Most of our necklaces are adjustable. We generally use standard (or princess) length (45cm / 18"), with an additional 10cm chain go up to matinee length (55cm / 22"). This is the most popular length for necklaces.

Some necklaces have different lengths and a small number are not adjustable. Be sure to read the product details and also the materials & sizes section for details about this particular necklace.

Necklace length chart in cm and inches

Our necklace lengths chart will give an idea of how lengths will sit. Everyone is different, so we recommend measuring an existing necklace or using string to see what will suit you.

Important: measurements are the total length (circumference). Also remember that pendants will sit lower: check our sizes & materials section for full size details.

Still not sure? Check out our handy necklace length & style guide.

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