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Christmas pudding coins

Christmas pudding coins

A set of 6 large deluxe solid silver Christmas pudding coins, charms or tokens, each with a different vintage Christmas illustration. 

The coins are a perfect family heirloom: exchange for real money on Christmas Day to use them for years to come.

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You'll love making precious new memories every Christmas with these beautiful and high quality solid silver Christmas pudding coins: we do just that ourselves.

Mixing silver Christmas pudding coins, tokens or charms into plum pudding for luck is an old (and fun!) Christmas tradition. If you find one or more silver coins in your slice of plum pudding on Christmas Day it's said to bring you good luck and wealth in the new year. Learn more about the history and traditions of Christmas puddings and coins.

The silver Christmas coins can be exchanged for real money to ensure you get them back again - which you'll want to do as they make a perfect family heirloom.

About the Christmas pudding coins:

Our famous silver Christmas pudding coins come in sets of 6.

The solid silver coins are larger and thicker than traditional threepences and sixpences, making them more valuable and much easier to find in your pudding. 

Each Christmas coin is etched with a different vintage Christmas card illustration: much more unique than all identical coins and you can attach your own meanings to each coin, adding to the fun and making of memories.

The plum pudding coins are made from solid sterling silver. The illustrations have been darkened and the coins have been given a bright and shiny polished finish.

Simone's family recipes for a quick and easy Christmas pudding and indulgent brandy sauce are included with the coins, along with care instructions.

We recommend you press the Christmas coins into the pudding after cooking to avoid scorching the silver. This way you can also cut slices of pudding for young children prior to adding the coins for the remainder of the guests.

What you'll get with your Christmas coins:

Your Christmas pudding coins will come in a sturdy white cotton-filled box so you can keep them safely packed away during the year. The box is tied with a festive red and white candy cane striped ribbon.

Included in the Christmas coins box will be:

  • 6 large solid silver Christmas pudding coins
  • A very quick and easy Christmas pudding recipe to make on the day
  • Delicious and indulgent brandy sauce recipe
  • Use and care instructions
  • A sturdy cotton filled box for storing your Christmas coins

The included easy Christmas pudding recipe is Simone's family recipe which has been handed down for generations.

It's a delicious Depression-era pudding recipe which is very quick and easy to make and is best cooked on Christmas Day or the day before: no fussing around for weeks in advance. With a minor modification it can even be made as a vegan Christmas pudding recipe.

Simone also includes the recipe for her grandmother's delicious brandy sauce, which is perfect for dolloping on your pudding (this is definitely not vegan).

You'll also receive information about how to use and care for your silver Christmas coins.

Christmas pudding coins history:

In the past silver sixpence and threepence coins were put into Christmas puddings, but modern coins made from base metals shouldn't be used in food. 

Simone originally started making sets of solid silver Christmas coin sets to keep the tradition alive in her own family. She was repeatedly asked to make sets for friends and other relatives before deciding to put them into production for her customers.

Learn more about the history and traditions of Christmas puddings.

As seen in:

  • Quantity: six large solid silver Christmas pudding coins, each with a different vintage Christmas illustration.
  • Materials: Sterling silver. The Christmas coins come in a small cotton-filled box with a candy cane striped ribbon, recipes and instructions - with extra good luck included.
  • Size: Each coin is approximately 2cm (0.8") in diameter.
  • Thickness: Each coin is 0.8mm (0.3") thick.
  • Note: Use of these coins is at your own risk. You should always advise guests that coins are in the pudding. Never serve food containing coins to young children.
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