Christmas pudding coins out now!


Sets of silver Christmas pudding coins are out now for the 2014 season!

Christmas pudding coins - handmade in silver. A beautiful heirloom quality rendering of an old Christmas tradition.

The sets of coins are currently available in limited quantities, but more are in production and they'll be added to our stock as they are made.

Be aware that the sets are always very popular over the Christmas period and this year they will have additional media coverage. There's no guarantee that we'll be able to keep up with demand, so if you'd like a set it's safest to get in early!

About the Christmas pudding coins

Coins or tokens have traditionally been added to Christmas puddings with the idea being that if you find one or more in your slice of pudding on Christmas day then you'll have good luck in the following year - especially in relation to money.

These coins can be exchanged for real money on the day to ensure you get your coins back again to use in subsequent years.

Our handmade fine silver pudding coins come in sets of six.

They are accompanied by my family's Christmas pudding recipe, which is delicious and very easy to make. My grandmother's indulgent brandy sauce recipe is also included.

If you prefer to have a store bought pudding then the coins can be pressed into the pudding prior to serving.

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