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My jewellery making history (part two)

Hand that Feeds cutlery in sterling silver by Simone Walsh (circa 1999)
The Hand that Feeds cutlery in sterling silver - not jewellery of course, but a set of cutlery I made while a jewellery and metal student.

Here is part two of my jewellery making journey over the past 20 years. You can also check out part one and how you can benefit from the 20th anniversary celebrations with 20% off 20 pieces, a $100 voucher to be won and more!

More study

In 1997 I returned to Australia and moved Sydney so that I could study full time at Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney. There I completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts with a Jewellery and Metal major, graduating in 2000.

After studying I continued making jewellery while living and working in Sydney and sold my work in a few retail outlets around Australia.

Selling jewellery online

In 2006 I decided to experiment with selling my jewellery designs online. I wasn't convinced at all that jewellery could be sold successfully via the web, but within a short time of launching a shop on Etsy I realised I was wrong.

After being featured on a few key indie design blogs, my sales took off and soon enough became a major part of my income. This allowed me to change to part time employment while running an often more than full time business.

Within a couple of years I became disillusioned with Etsy and needing to rely upon it so heavily in my business, so set up my own independent online shop at simonewalsh.com, which is now the primary outlet for my handmade jewellery.

After a few years of selling online I finally took the plunge to become entirely creatively self-employed in 2009.

The end (so far!)

And here I am, a whole 20 years after spotting the necklace which first made me curious, still making jewellery and I’m now privileged to be making something vaguely resembling a living from it!

* * *

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