Back at the bench

Photograph taken at my jewellery making bench.
The view from my jewellery bench today.

It's later than I'd expected, but this afternoon I finally got back to my jewellery bench to do some making work. It was just a tentative step with only three pieces being made for delivery to a couple of shops, but it's a start.

This week I also need to get stuck into a big batch of etching now that I finally have some silver stock after running out of the required pieces late last year.

However, before then I need to do a massive clean up in the studio! Nothing has been touched in there since I downed tools just before Christmas and the room looks like it has exploded. So tomorrow I plan to be back in there giving it a good clean up and re-organisation.

Plus I hope to finally get back to actually finishing off the space after it was converted from an old three-walled shed into a four-walled studio after moving into my home last year.

You can see the progress made so far in these posts from last year: Progress on my new jewellery studio and Back to business.

I'll share more of the evolution of my studio as it happens.

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