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About Simone Walsh

Jewellery designer & maker

Simone Walsh, handmade jewellery designer and maker (and some of her handmade jewellery and tools).

An introduction:

Simone Walsh is a contemporary jeweller whose intricate and eco-friendly jewellery is handmade in her studio in the Adelaide hills and worn by people all over Australia and the world.

Simone creates real handmade jewellery: it's not laser cut or assembled from entirely mass-produced components.

Every piece in her range is designed and made using high quality materials and metalwork techniques which Simone has been learning and perfecting for over 20 years.

Most of the precious metals Simone uses are recycled and she aims to operate an eco-friendly and sustainable business.

You can learn more about Simone and what she's up to by visiting her blog, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

And you can visit Simone's handmade jewellery shop.

Handmade jewellery designs by Simone Walsh.


From happy accident to a happy handmade business

Simone's interest in making jewellery began over 20 years ago when she stumbled across a simple but unusual necklace and became intrigued by how it was made.

"I decided to try to figure out how it was constructed. After a few hours with some wire and pliers I was hooked and wanted to learn more," Simone said.

Simone began her jewellery making career in her home town of Adelaide, where she initially began teaching herself some jewellery making basics back in 1992.

Soon after she decided to undertake full time study in this field, ultimately completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts with a Jewellery and Metal major at Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney.

20 years after getting started Simone’s jewellery practice is now a full time business. Her designs are sold to customers all over the world via her handmade jewellery shop. She also sells through a select number of retail stores and at occasional major designers' markets around Australia.

Handmade jewellery designs:

If you are looking for delicate and beautiful contemporary jewellery - and especially if you appreciate quality handmade goods - then you'll almost certainly find something you love in Simone's handmade jewellery range.

Handmade jewellery designs by Simone Walsh.

Although Simone's designs are based on a contemporary jewellery or visual arts approach, she uses traditional metalwork techniques to make her pieces, such as intricate saw-piercing, etching and gilding. Favourite materials include sterling silver, gold and gemstones.

Simone's jewellery designs are often inspired by pattern and ornament, along with details in nature.

And of course everything in her range is entirely handmade. Read about why buying handmade is such a great thing to do.

Visit Simone's Australian jewellery shop to see the current range of jewellery designs.

In the media:

Simone's business and beautiful jewellery has been featured in a number of publications, including Australian House & Garden, Country Style MagazinePeppermint, Adelaide Hills Magazine, MX Sydney, Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion, Attitude and Jewellers Trade.

She has also been featured on many indie design blogs, including The Finders Keepers blog, Scoutie Girl, Modish, Poppytalk, Cuteable, Tractorgirl, Handmadeology and the Lark Books blog.

Visit Simone's media page for more information.


Simone has the following jewellery-related qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Visual Arts, Jewellery & Object Design major - Sydney College of the Arts – University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia. Graduated in 2000.
  • Advanced Diploma of Applied & Visual art, Jewellery major - North Adelaide School of Art - TAFE, Adelaide, Australia. Deferred after 12 months in 1995 to travel.
  • Certificate in Applied & Visual Art, Jewellery major - Onkaparinga Institute of TAFE, Adelaide, Australia. Completed in 1994, Most Outstanding Jewellery Student of 1994.

Artworks and object making:

Along with the wearable jewellery Simone makes, throughout her career she has also created a diverse array of artwork and one-off exhibition pieces, many of which are more sculptural.

View photographs of this work and see the exhibitions Simone has participated in over the years.

Currently Simone's time for creating such works is very limited, but she hopes to return to it when time permits.