I've been a bit quiet of late, but behind the scenes I've had an awful lot of stuff going on.

Some of my busy-ness!

My bathroom was completely gutted and has been (mostly) rebuilt after the old one (which wasn't old at all!) fell apart. So not only have I spent a chunk of time with either very limited or no bathroom facilities in my home and workplace, I've also had to keep tradespeople's hours, which - not remotely being a morning person - has almost killed me! It's been a pretty big disruption, but it's now almost complete.

In addition I've had a huge amount of paperwork and planning work to get done. And a lot of general catching up after an extremely busy lead up to Christmas and falling in a heap of exhaustion for a while afterwards.

Plus I'm getting myself and my business organised to deal with me going through a fairly big medical event in the next few weeks - I'll be having major surgery which will require several weeks of recovery.

I'll post more about the impact that might have on my handmade jewellery business closer to the time, but the shop will remain open and orders will be posted out as normal, thanks to my glamorous assistant!

And finally I'm still working hard on researching and planning the changes mooted in my recent Time for a change blog post. I'll have more to share with you about that exciting but daunting project soon!

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